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Fitrus Plus Body Composition Ananlyser with inbuilt pulse oximeter, heart rate and stress index, skin and surface thermomete, Can be interfaced with iphone or android phone via app A pocket sized device that accurately measures body compositions via mobile app, and provides customized exercise and nutrition plan.
One Smart Diet The smartphone interlocking portable body composition measuring instrument
Pulse Oximeter Fingertip pulse oximeter withcolour OLED display Pulse wave form + bar graph display Interference resistance against ambient light Accurate measurement at low perfusion states
Infascanner 2000 Handheld Brain Hematoma Scanner Portable, Battery operated. Easy to understand user interface Onboard memory for data recall  
BE-1500 digital weighing scale with dual display Manufactured by : ADE, Germany  
UC-502 Precision digital weighing scale
Manufactured by A&D Medical, Japan
MC-780 Medically Approved Professional Body Composition Analyser  
Nonin Pulse Sense Tabletop Pulse Oximeter with waveform  
3M 900ING Respirator, BIS P1  
SCH-004 Intensive Care Incubator
Manufactured by COBAMS Srl, Italy
MC-980MA 6 frequency state of the art body composition analyser
The Ultimate in Health and Fitness Monitoring from TANITA
Pro O2 Analyzer - Handheld  
M40613 - Chair Scale
Manufactured by ADE, Germany
Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651
Manufactured A&D Medical, Japan
M106600- Baby Scale  
M107600- High precision digital baby scale with 1g graduation. Must for NICU  
Model MBJ-20
Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector for neonates
Face Recognition Temperature Scanner It detects the employees or residencesí temperature at 50cm distance plus face recognition within 200ms, so the access control system can quickly compare this personís daily temperature change and prompt relative information to security management.
Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer is used to check the body temperature right from the comfort of your home.
Philips Elegance Nebulizer
for continuous use, with reusable nebuliser kit.Ideal for use by hospitals
Philips K3B 3 LPM Oxygen Concentrator  
SIL-K silicone sheet for treatment of hypertrophic scars and Keloids  
Oxygen Mask for Adult  
Philips Sidestream Nebulizer Kit  
Nasal Oxygen Cannulla for adults and children  
Range of anatomical masks  
Model Jerry-T
Tabletop / Desktop pulse oximeter with plethysmograph wave form
Disposable smoothbore hose for CPAP/BIPAP  
Disposable suction catheters
for adults and children
Silicone flexometalic endotracheal tubes - cuffed and plain
Manufactured by Fortune Medical, Taiwan
Disposable cuffed endotracheal tubes  
Disposable plain endotracheal tubes  
Disposable nasal preformed REA Tubes  
Disposable oral REA endotracheal tubes  
Medical grade silicone tubing in different sizes  
Ambu Aura Once disposable LMA  
Ambu Auraflex disposable LMA  
Ambu Uni-suction manual, foot operated suction pump  
Ambu Tube-Check  
Humi mist room humidifiers - Made in Italy  
VApomed Room Humidifiers - Made in Italy  
FIbreoptic and Non FIbreoptic Laryngoscopes for adults, children and infants  
Silicone Foley Catheter, 2-way  
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