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Face Recognition Temperature Scanner It detects the employees or residencesí temperature at 50cm distance plus face recognition within 200ms, so the access control system can quickly compare this personís daily temperature change and prompt relative information to security management.
3Ply Disposable Mask Our 3-ply mask provides Medical Grade Protection from 98% of PM 2.5 particles, effectively filters airborne virus, bacteria, pathogens, allergens, dust, and pollution.
N95 Mask N95 5 Layer Masks are lab tested and comply with ISO, CE and FDA standards.
Disposable Bouffant Head Cap Disposable Bouffant Head Cap is manufactured using high quality raw materials, light in weight and widely used by nurses, staff and other people.
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is fully automatic BP machine with features such as digital LCD display and machine provides most accurate blood pressure readings results.
Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer is used to check the body temperature right from the comfort of your home.
Infrared Forehead Thermometer The non contact Infrared Thermometer enables the quick detection of body temperature within 1 second of the use of the device.
Hand Sanitizer Yash Hand Sanitizer can be used to keep hands clean and germ-free.
Face Shield Face Shield is a personal protective equipment devices that is used for protection of the facial area and associated mucous membranes like eyes, nose, mouth from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids.
Wall Mounted Touch Less Infrared Forehead Thermometer  
Flipup Faceshield  
Fogging Machine Rs. 1900/-
Fumigation Gun Rs. 1850/-
Latex Gloves  
Nitrile Gloves  
Philips Elegance Nebulizer  
Philips Oxygen Concentrator  
PPE Kits  
PPE Kits  
PPE Kits with full body cover  
Safety Glasses  
Sanitiser Foot Stand  
Shoe Cover  
SIL-K silicone sheet for treatment of hypertrophic scars and Keloids  
Oxygen Mask for Adult  
Philips Sidestream Nebulizer Kit  
Nasal Oxygen Cannulla for adults and children  
Range of anatomical masks  
Fibreoptic and Non fibreoptic Laryngoscopes for adults,children and infants  
Nasal Oxygen Cannulla for adults and children  
Tabletop / Desktop pulse oximeter with plethysmograph wave form  
Disposable smoothbore hose for CPAP/BIPAP  
Disposable suction catheters  
Fortune Medical, Taiwan Silicone flexometalic endotracheal tubes - cuffed and plain  
Disposable cuffed endotracheal tubes  
Disposable plain endotracheal tubes  
Disposable nasal preformed REA Tubes  
Disposable oral REA endotracheal tubes  
Medical grade silicone tubing in different sizes  
Ambu Aura Once disposable LMA  
Ambu Auraflex disposable LMA  
Ambu Uni-suction manual, foot operated suction pump  
Ambu Tube-Check  
Ambu Tube-Check  
Humi mist room humidifiers - Made in Italy  
VApomed Room Humidifiers - Made in Italy  
FIbreoptic and Non FIbreoptic Laryngoscopes for adults, children and infants  
NASAL Oxygen Cannulla for adults and children  
Silicone Foley Catheter, 2-way  
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